Newton Falls Kiwanis Club relies on many friends, family members, community members, students, and other organizations to help us with our projects HERE'S A HUGE THANK YOU! 

   Our only fund-raisers have been placemats at Covered Bridge Inn Restaurant, the steak cookout, the geranium sale, and we make a little from the Halloween Cakewalk IF cakes are donated in Kiwanis's name.  Because of your support, we were able to provide more money to 2014 scholarship recipients Chasity Oakes and Charissa Simones.   Our 2015 Kiwanis scholarship recipients were Sean Croell and Jessica Wheat.  Our 2016 scholarship recipients were Zachary Digman and Makayla Heintz.  Our 2017 scholarship recipients were Courtney Shetterly and Emma Rader. Our 2018 scholarship recipients were Kayse Speicher, Noah Marsh, and Alie Orr. This year's winners will be announced at the May 14 awards assembly.


Some people donate time, some donate money, and some donate both.  Many projects could not be completed without our wonderful volunteers.


Can you help?  Many volunteers just show up when we hold an event and ask, "How can I help?"  We love having helpers at the Halloween Cake Walk and at our Steak Cookout.


Our two fund-raisers, the annual steak cookout (April 27, 2019) at Newton Falls United Methodist Church, 336 Ridge Road (a.k.a. State Route 534 north of town)  and our Geranium flower sale (pre-sales only, with pick-ups/deliveries May 16-17, 2019) could use your support.  Pre-sale tickets ($15.00) for the steak dinner and pre-orders for the geranium plants ($3.85 each) are appreciated. When you get a placemat at Covered Bridge Inn Restaurant, please support our advertisers, too!

Finally, some folks donate funds, time, or food to help events happen.  Some folks donate funds to help the NF Community Backpack program purchase needed food (rather than donating food itself).  An account has been set up at Associated School Employees Credit Union in Newton Falls.  There is also a need for young children's new undergarments at the schools. You (or we) can drop them off for school nurse Rhonda Knoske. Please also donate gently used children's shoes and sweatpants. WE make a difference, TOGETHER.

336 Ridge Road Newton Falls OH 44444